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Victoria Electric Cooperative wants to make sure you have the power you need to make your house a home. Check out the handy resources we have collected for you below.

Service Installation

There are a variety of ways VEC could provide your service installation. Click the button below to review the possible options.

Call Before You Dig

Your safety matters! That’s why it is extremely important for you to call Texas811 before you begin any digs on your property. Click the button to learn more.

Construction Diagrams

Take a closer look at the construction specifications and descriptions for our meter loops.

Distributed Generation Procedures & Guidelines

If you have an interest in installing your own Distributed Generation, click the button below for more information, including a downloadable document covering all of our procedures and guidelines.

Tree Trimming

Trees can cause a safety hazard when they grow too close to power lines. To learn more about the best practices for keeping a safe distance between your trees and nearby electric line, click the button below.