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Service Fees

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Service Fees

We know that fees can sometimes be confusing, that’s why we have outlined our member service fees below. Payment for new service is due at the time of application. Please note that other fees may apply and the fees noted below are occasionally subject to change.

Service Fees

  • $5.00 Membership Fee (one-time fee)
  • $25.00 Name Change Fee (for an existing meter - no new construction required)
  • $50.00 New Connect Fee (for no meter or a meter that is not turned on)
  • $50.00 Disconnect Fee (to terminate service on accounts with 3 years or less service)
  • $50.00 Reconnect Fee during normal business hours*
  • $50.00 Disconnect Yard Light
  • $150.00 Connect Fee after normal business hours*
  • $150.00 Reconnect Fee after normal business hours*
  • $100.00 Temporary Service (plus any applicable line extension costs)

*Please refer to our Hours of Operation page for additional information.


The Coop may require the application, regardless of service applied for, to demonstrate and satisfactorily establish credit. An applicant for service may establish credit and shall not be required to pay a deposit if the applicant:

  • Provides a letter of credit reference from your previous electrical provider. The letter of credit should cover the most recent twelve months (12) for a residential account or twenty-four months (24) for commercial accounts and contain no more than one late payment
  • Furnishes, in writing, a satisfactory guarantee to secure the payment of bills for electric service
  • Is sixty-five (65) years of age or older and does not have an outstanding account balance with the Coop or another utility providing electric service which accrued within the last two (2) years
  • Displays good credit history through a credit check, such as the Online Utility Exchange

Meter Reading Fees

  • $50.00 Residential/Single Phase
  • $50.00 Three Phase/kWh only
  • $75.00 Three Phase Demand Meter

Meter Test Fees

  • $50.00 Residential Meter
  • $50.00 Single Phase Meter
  • $85.00 Three Phase (kWh only) Meter
  • $85.00 Three Phase Demand Meter

Miscellaneous Fees

  • $30.00 Returned Check Fee
  • $10.00 Change of Record Fee
  • $130.00 Switchover Fee (to another utility)
  • $200.00 Meter Tampering Charge
  • $0.15 Reproduction of Tariff Sheets (price is per page)
  • 5% Delinquent Rate for late payments & Deferred Payments/Budget Billing late fee

Billing Adjustments

Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF)

PCRF is a monthly adjustment applied to the current monthly billing to account for differences in actual purchased electricity costs. This monthly charge shall be increased or decreased on a per-kWh basis.

VEC's rates are based on two main components - the actual cost of the wholesale power we buy and the cost for us to get the power to you. The majority of the rate you pay is for the wholesale electricity supplied to your home or business. PCRF is the difference between VEC's wholesale power supply rate and the actual rate paid for wholesale electricity.

Sales Tax

All bills shall be increased by the amount of any sales tax attributable to the sale of electric service to the Member unless the Member has previously provided to the Cooperative satisfactory proof of exemption.

Franchise Tax Adjustment

Each Member's bill may be increased for service rendered within the incorporated limits of a municipality which imposes a franchise tax upon the revenues received by the Cooperative from its Members.