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Commercial Rates

Rate classification and assignment will be made by VEC in accordance with the availability and type of service provisions listed hereon and in the Tariffs for Electric Service. The rate schedules have been developed for the standard types of service provided by the Cooperative. If a Member's request for electric service involves unusual circumstances, usage, or load characteristics not regularly encountered by the Cooperative, or if the Member may qualify for service under more than one of the available rate schedules, the Cooperative shall inform the Member about its lowest-price alternatives available at the Member's location.

The most recent Tariff for Electric Service was amended and adopted by the Board of Directors on January 2016. The Tariff includes information regarding utility operations, rates and charges, service rules and regulations, and electric service. Please contact VEC at (361) 573-2428 if you have additional questions.

Tariff with new rates effective July Bill is in process current tariff does not reflect to rates.